Sumeyra Eryolcu

Who Am I? What's Crafty Sumo?

You might be thinking that this must be some kind of avante garde website highlighting the creative work and artistic talents of sumo wrestlers. I agree, that sounds pretty awesome and someone should definitely do that but that's not what you'll find here. My name is Sumeyra Eryolcu, my friends call me Sumo, and Crafty Sumo is my small corner of the internet to showcase my artwork and creative projects.

I'm a self-taught abstract artist based in Edmonton and my mission is to create visual experiences for the viewer that evoke feelings both visceral and emotional. With inspiration driven by experiences, relationships, and landscapes my process is to simply paint what I feel, typically using gold leaf and resin overlay to unify my work and style. 

Have questions about my art or crafts? I'd love to hear from you and you can visit my contact page to get in touch.